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Join the Walk, Click and Let’em Lick Revolution! Ditch the Extra Bottles and Bowls

November 23, 2022

Do you enjoy walking your dog, but hate carrying all the extra water bottles and travel bowls just to give your dog water when it gets thirsty? Then you must join the Walk, Click, and Let’em Lick Revolution! How do you join? Upgrade the way you give your dog water on your walk.

It is time to purchase the new, one of a kind, innovative, protected by U.S. Patent The Hydro Leash!

The Hydro Leash gives you No Hassle Hydration with one press of a button. Since the water bottle is included in the leash handle, The Hydro Leash eliminates the need to carry all that extra stuff.

After inserting the bottle in the handle, just go for a WALK. When you are ready to give your dog water, remove The Hydro Leash mouthpiece from the side of handle and CLICK the mouthpiece into the side of specially designed collar. Then, simply press the button on the handle and water will be released from the bottle, down the inside of the leash, and out to The Hydro Leash mouthpiece for your dog to LICK. When your dog is done licking, return the mouthpiece to side of the Hydro Leash handle and continue your walk. The Hydro Leash doesn’t spray the water in the dog’s mouth. Instead, the water is gravity fed so that it drips out of the mouthpiece.

The Walk, Click and Let’em Lick revolution is here. Join us at


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