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Just Walk, Click and Let’em Lick!

Have you ever seen a hydrating leash that allows you to give your dog water on a walk with one press of a button? Well…Nobody has! Until now!

Now you can ditch the extra bottles and bowls!

The Hydro Leash allows you give your dog water with just one press of a button! This is the most innovative and easiest way to give your dog on a walk! You will never have to carry the extra bottles and bowls again.

For only 1 month, we are offering The Hydro Leash at a Pre-Sale Discount of 20% Off. All we ask in return in your feedback!

Once the 30 days are over, the Pre-Sale will end. Pre-Sale supplies are limited.

Get yours well before the Spring 2023 release!

"I used to carry all this stuff when I walked my dog...."

"Boy what a hassle that was!"

"Now, I just use The Hydro Leash and simply go for a walk!"

Why You Need The Hydro Leash

  • You will never forget your dog’s water, and you don’t have to carry so all that stuff to give your dog water.
  • It is the fastest way to give your dog water on a walk because it only takes one press of the button.
  • Its sleek handle is ergonomically designed for your hand to firmly secure it.
  • You and your dog will look pretty darn cool, so don’t be surprised when other dog walkers ask where you got it.
  • We give you customer support for the life of the product.

How Does The Hydro Leash Work?

“Just Walk, Lick and Let’em Lick!”

The Hydro Leash is exactly what it sounds like. An all-in-one dog leash with a built-in gravity fed watering system that lets you give your dog fresh H2O while on a walk, hike, or other outing. To use the Hydro Leash, simply:

  1. Fill the proprietary water bottle and insert it into the ergonomically designed handle before your Walk.

  2. When your dog is ready to hydrate, just Click the acrylic straw to the side of the collar.
  3. Press the button on the leash handle to Let your dog Lick to hydrate. Water will gravity feed through the leash hose and out of the acrylic straw on the collar, to the dog’s mouthpiece.
  4. When your dog is done hydrating, replace the acrylic straw to the side of The Hydro Leash handle.

Video of Live Dog Hydrating HIMSELF

Unleash Maximum Hydration for All Sizes of Dogs

The Hydro Leash was designed by dog owners who are also dog product innovators. We are driven to bring new and exciting product for you to enjoy our time with your dog family member. So, no matter the size of your dog, The Hydro Leash will enable you to give your dog water with just one push of a button. It can’t get easier than that…can it?! Get The Hydro Leash today and start enjoying hassle free hydration for your dog.

Remember, we are only having this pre-sale for a limited time for the innovator or early adopter in you! We would appreciate your feedback so that we can make The Hydro Leash better for you and your dog!

The Hydro Leash Community

If you are here, then you are likely an innovator or early adopter. Your involvement with the early stages of The Hydro Leash is so important. Join The Hydro Leash Early Adopter Community and tell us what you think. We want you to be a part of why dog owners will want to ditch their bottles and bowls for The Hydro Leash.