Effortless Hydration for Your Furry Friend

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Effortless Hydration for Your Furry Friend

Can your dog drink out of its own leash? No? Then you need The Hydro Leash! Control when your dog drinks and how much with the push of a button.

  • Easy to remember your dog’s water
  • Shortens the time it takes to give your dog water on your walk
  • Eliminates the need to carry extra bowls and bottles
  • Wastes less water
  • Plus, you’ll look pretty cool.

"This HydroLeash has made walks with my furry friend so much more convenient. With just one press of a button, my dog can stay hydrated and happy on even the longest walks. I highly recommend it to any dog owner! "

-Taya Fadel

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Just Walk, Click and Let’em Lick!

Now you can ditch the extra bottles and bowls!

The Hydro Leash allows you give your dog water with just one press of a button! This is the most innovative and easiest way to give your dog on a walk! You will never have to carry the extra bottles and bowls again.

🦮Why You Need The Hydro Leash?

Stop lugging around the entire kitchen cabinet just to walk your dog. Be one of the first to try The Hydro Leash: the 2-in-1 dog leash and watering system that makes it easier to hydrate your pup on the go.

Convenient Hydration on the Go

With the Hydro Leash, you no longer have to worry about carrying a bulky water bottle for your furry friend. The press of a button will provide them with hydration on the go.

Less Mess, More Adventure

 No more spills or leaks, the Hydro Leash's innovative design keeps water contained and makes it easy to give your dog a drink without making a mess.

Time-Saving and Hands-Free

The Hydro Leash's hands-free design means you can continue your walk without stopping to give your dog a drink, saving you time and making it easier for you to keep moving.

Essential for Active Dogs

For dogs that love to play and explore, it's important to keep them hydrated. The Hydro Leash provides a constant source of water, making it essential for active dogs.

How Does The Hydro Leash Work?

The Hydro Leash is exactly what it sounds like. An all-in-one dog leash with a built-in gravity fed watering system that lets you give your dog fresh H2O while on a walk, hike, or other outing. To use the Hydro Leash, simply:

  • Fill the proprietary water bottle and insert it into the ergonomically designed handle before your Walk.
  • When your dog is ready to hydrate, just Click the acrylic straw to the side of the collar.
  • Press the button on the leash handle to Let your dog Lick to hydrate. Water will gravity feed through the leash hose and out of the acrylic straw on the collar, to the dog’s mouthpiece.
  • When your dog is done hydrating, replace the acrylic straw to the side of The Hydro Leash handle.

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